Myopia Control

​More and more children are developing myopia, or nearsightedness, at younger ages. Myopia almost always becomes more severe over time.

Myopia control reduces the risks associated with high myopia such as cataracts, glaucoma, myopic degeneration, retinal detachments, and of course dependence on strong eyewear.

At Accent Eyecare we offer treatment strategies such as specialized soft multifocal contact lenses and eyedrops which are proven to manage, reduce, or even prevent myopic progression. If your child is developing nearsightedness it is very important to slow the progression as soon as possible.​

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Atropine Eye Drops:

Studies show that Atropine eye drops reduce the progression of myopia. This safe and easy treatment option is very effective at slowing nearsighted progression.

Single Use Contact Lenses:

We also use specialized multifocal contact lenses which reduce myopic progression by 90%. These disposables are convenient and safe for use by children.

Future Developments in Myopia Control

At Accent Eyecare we continually update our knowledge and practice. There are new contact lens and spectacle lens treatments on the horizon which we will incorporate into our customized treatment plan for your child.